We know that writing can help us heal, but many of us hold back for fear that someone will read our private thoughts.  We may try to write, but a little voice in our head says, “what if someone reads this?” and we hold back.

So, how do we write and feel safe?

We recommend trying out Penzu. It’s a free, private online journal you can access from anywhere. Write as little or as much as you want, whenever you want. Write about what you had for lunch. Write about your day. Get the words flowing from your brain and through your fingertips.

If and when you feel ready, follow these prompts designed to help you write about and heal from harmful experiences:

1) Write about what happened 

2) Write about what you think and feel about what happened.  (Do you feel strong, or scared, or tired when you think about the event?  Has how you think about the event changed over time?  

And as always, you’re welcome to share your writing with the Report It, Girl community. Send us your piece here.




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