“Report It, Girl shines a light on the secrets that so many women keep hidden in their souls.”

– Pam Forman

“Report It, Girl was a place I could “report my rape”. I never reported being raped when it happened for many reasons. I felt powerless, ashamed and alone. I now realize that living in silence for years did almost as much damage to me as the rape itself. Sharing my story with a close friend helped tremendously, but it was posting my story publicly for the first time on Report It, Girl that gave me my power back. Sharing my story was my way of reporting what happened to me and breaking my silence. Reading other stories also helped me know that I’m not facing this by myself. Report It, Girl gives us survivors a way to connect, heal together, feel stronger together and know that we are not alone.”

– Morgan Guinn | Report It, Girl Contributor

“It was cathartic writing my story and sharing it on Report It, Girl. I am grateful for this site. I will no longer hide from this event. It’s strange the victim feels the full weight of shame when the perpetrator is the one who should be burdened with it.”

– Heidi Mitchell | Report It, Girl Contributor

“Sharing my story inspires hope in me knowing I could help someone else through what I’ve been through. I shared the link on Facebook and a friend who I hadn’t spoken with in a while reached out to tell me had something similar happen. She thanked me for sharing my story and said she might want to talk to me about her experience. So that was cool. All in all that is my goal, to help others through the power of storytelling.”

– Samantha Harris| Report It, Girl Contributor

“Report It, Girl gave me a space that felt safe and free from judgment. It was one of the first places I felt comfortable opening up about my story because I trusted that people were truly listening. Their team followed up with me after posting and offered both comfort and tools to help with my healing process. I am grateful that I found a space that offers reassurance that I’m not alone.”

– Anonymous | Report It, Girl Contributor


“As the founder of Surviving in Numbers, I’ve given hundreds of survivors of sexual assault and interpersonal violence a space to share their experiences, which can be a vital step in the healing process. Report It, Girl allows its site users to share their experiences through writing, while also providing resources and tools for survivors to create their own path to healing. Report It, Girl is truly a great resource to survivors everywhere.”

             — Ali Safran | Founder, Surviving in Numbers

“Report It, Girl holds a unique niche in the sexual assault survivor community. Kat and her team have created something that takes the power of storytelling and uses that power to help survivors take crucial steps towards healing. RIG is an easily accessible space where people from all walks of life can express their story – anonymously or not – and be heard without fear of judgment or shame. What I particularly appreciate about RIG is that it meets each survivor where they are on their healing journey, and opens the door for whenever they are ready to share and to whatever extent they feel comfortable. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kat and RIG for the past year, and feel honored to be co-creating a better world for survivors. 

–Becky Fein, MPH | Founding Director, Powerful Voices Project

As a survivor and founder of Surviving & Thriving, an organization that honors and celebrates survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through healing retreats, I can attest to the importance of creating spaces that allow survivors the opportunity to be seen and heard. Report It, Girl does exactly that. In RIG’s on and offline community, survivors receive the validation and support they deserve. The women behind RIG – Founder, Kat Alexander, and Alissa Ackerman and Zoe Middleton – inspire me to continue doing the vital work of holding healing spaces. The world needs organizations like RIG not only to help us break our silence, but to dismantle and rebuild the foundation that victim blaming and rape culture was built on.

–Stephanie Burns | Surviving & Thriving 

“Report It, Girl offers us what’s most healing: each other. We know that writing about trauma and secrets held in silence can improve our health and well being, but Report It, Girl takes this a step further. By allowing us to speak our truth and unburden our psyches in a safe online community, we prove to each other that we’re not alone. And then, after shining a light on our harmful experiences, we become more and more empowered. We join our voices, our stories are heard and collectively we disrupt the culture of silence around sexual violence.”
Christine Cissy White | Heal Write Now