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Report It, Girl
/rəˈpôrt it, ɡərl/
1. (v) To give a written account of something one has experienced.
2. (v) To heal through expressive writing, community and resources.
3. (v) To end the culture of silence around sexual violence.

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There are many ways you can move forward on your healing journey. Learn about the latest research and evidence-based methods here.

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Reading stories from contributors reminds us that we are not alone.

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Research shows that expressive writing can be a powerful step in your healing journey. Begin when you are ready. We’ll show you how.

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Learn About Healing
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Kat Alexander

\Kat Bio Pic

Kat is a public health researcher, writer and social entrepreneur. She still carries the belief she held as a kid– that we can each make the world just a little bit better– and aims to leverage technology to make this happen.

Zoe Middleton
Former Content & Community Manager


Zoe is a graduate student based in New York City (with roots in Ireland, Syria and Romania). Zoe’s involvement in Report It, Girl is rooted in her belief that pairing community, organizing, storytelling and technology holds powerful potential for advancing human rights.

Alissa Ackerman, PhD
Past Research & Advocacy Specialist


Alissa is a criminal justice professor, researcher, writer, and social justice advocate. She believes that digital storytelling can empower and unite survivors to help end victimization.